Portrait photography is fascinating and difficult at the same time. If you look at the best portrait photographs, you will notice that they show emotions as well. You will be able to identify with the person by looking at the photograph. Here are some great tips to improve portrait photography.

Use a wide aperture

Portrait photography is different from the other types of photography. In portrait photography, you need to isolate the person from the surroundings or background. That way the focus will be on the person only. So, you need to use a wide aperture like f/2.0 or f/3.2. This will give you a shallow depth of field and the background will be blurred this way.

More shutter speed

Choosing the right shutter speed is important in portrait photography. The shutter speed helps to change the image’s brightness. A fast shutter speed will help you to take the photo without any blur.

Increase the ISO

ISO measures the sensitivity of the sensor of the camera. This tells how dark or bright your photo will turn out to be. If the ISO is low, the camera will be less sensitive to light.

If the ISO is high, then the camera will be more sensitive to light and in such case, you will get a brighter image quickly. When you are taking wedding photos inside a church, then you will need to increase the ISO. Make the ISO 400 or 800.

Choice of lens

As there are too many different types of lenses in the market it can be difficult to choose the best lens for portrait photography. The type of lens you choose may be different from that of the other photographers.

So, learn more about different lenses and see what professional photographers are using. Try using one or two when taking photographs and then you will find the best one that suits you.

Focusing technique

It can be confusing determining where to focus when taking portrait photographs. You should focus on the person’s eyes. This way the photo will be more natural.

These tips will help you to take good portrait photographs. However, you need to keep on practicing to get good at it. You also need a lot of patience to improve your work.