If you have a portrait photography business, then you need to promote it. The competition is intense, and you need to stand out to get more customers. Here are some tips for promoting your business.

Have a great portfolio

You should have a flawless portfolio. You must create an impressive website for your business and upload all your amazing work so that people can have a look at them. You can hire a professional web designer to create your photography website.

Start a blog

You can start writing a blog about portrait photography. Many people will be interested in reading your blog. Make sure that you write about the latest trends, product reviews, and other things aspiring photographers, or those interested in photography, will find interesting.

A good blog can demonstrate your expertise in the field and people will rely on you. You can also improve your website traffic with the help of the blog.

Attend conferences

You can attend different photography conferences to gain more knowledge on portrait photography and learn about the latest trends and equipment. These conferences give you a wonderful networking opportunity. You get the chance to promote your business here.


You can volunteer to take photos at events or social gatherings to show your skills to others. If you volunteer to work at fundraising or other charitable events, for example, many people will get to know you and you can later get offers for photography services.

Give special deals

Discounts or offers motivate people to avail of the service. So, you should give special offers during occasions like the wedding season or Christmas. This will get you more customers.

Once you learn how to market your business, you will see how your customer base increases. You will get more opportunities to earn money from your portrait photography business.